• Afghanculture.org and Afghanculturemuseum Foundation jointly work on the endeavour called Afghanculturemuseum.org, which is aimed at helping Afghanistan reclaims its own History and its tapestry of civilizations while giving Afghan people and youth the opportunity to rediscover their Cultural Identity and pride of Heritage in order to trigger a desire to build their future.
  • Afghanculturemuseum.org offers a perfect tool for strengthening People-to-People ties between the different regions of Afghanistan.
  • It also enables a much larger public, throughout the world to discover one of the most ancient cultures and its tremendous contribution to Human History.
  • Knowing its origins generates self-confidence, which leads to peaceful relationships.
  • By reintroducing Cultural Heritage in the daily life through Internet, mobile phones, television, it will also instil a sense of pride and awareness both amongst the Western communities and Afghan community of arts and culture providing motivation, and a catalyst, for more and future arts and culture works and activities as well as in preserving and protecting historical Heritage.
  • Afghanculturemuseum.org is dedicated to promote a positive and modern image of Afghanistan, boost knowledge about Afghanistan and help its revival process.



• Promote a positive and modern image of Afghanistan.
• Boost knowledge about Afghanistan and help the revival process.
• A 21st century window to entice new major players to get involved in the reconstruction of Afghanistan.


• Access to documents, visual art, data located outside Afghanistan.
• Educate Afghans about the rich multitude of influences on their country.
• Promote the sense of diversity and common heritage.