• To change the perception of Afghanistan throughout the world.
  • To show that Afghanistan has always been and still Is  at the center stage of all humankind changes.
  • To represent a counter balance against the daily coverage of Afghan affairs, that focus mainly on war and violence ignoring the efforts being made to shape a new future for the country.
  • To  show  the diversity of Afghan Heritage and Afghanistan openness to the outside world.
  • To educate and build a memory inside and outside Afghanistan about its many influences.



• Promote a positive and modern image of Afghanistan.
• Boost knowledge about Afghanistan and help the revival process.
• A 21st century window to entice new major players to get involved in the reconstruction of Afghanistan.


• Access to documents, visual art, data located outside Afghanistan.
• Educate Afghans about the rich multitude of influences on their country.
• Promote the sense of diversity and common heritage.