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A project Archives-e-Millie Kaboul/

The purpose of this proposal is to invite a wider Afghan audience to take an interest in what constitutes as an important part of their past. This proposal is an extension of the exhibition inaugurated on April 27th, 2016, emphasizing the collections of the Archives Museum in Kabul, around the question of an “Afghan cultural identity.”

The use of Internet for access to knowledge is an obvious fact today, but what remains the problem is the quality of the content and the identification of the sources.

The principle of is to provide online enjoyable content while being scientifically correct.

Today, it is considered that 22 million Afghans possess a mobile phone (10 to 12 million smartphones) with Internet access. The very low cost of the services is one of the main reasons of this development.

In this first series of 23 short animated movies, approximately 3 minutes each, each short film will illustrate the Persian novel of Yoûsof-ô Zolaykhâ, by Djâmî de Hérât (1414-1492) in three languages: Dari, Pashto, English.

For each short film, alongside the progression of the novel, will be a scholar giving a scientific reading.

To reach a broader audience, both national and international, the movies will be shown by mobile, the Internet, in television and in theaters.