• Based on the feedback from Afghan stakeholders, contributors and Afghan public at large, the project has matured.
  • This informal survey shows that Afghan population is not acquainted with the concept of museum or shows little interest in it for various reasons. Or, simply, have no access for geographic remoteness.
  • As our aim is to disseminate to the largest audience conscientiousness of Cultural Heritage and educate it about its importance as the backbone of a democratic and peaceful society, we decided to use a means that is familiar to all Afghans: the storytelling.
  • The principal of is to provide online enjoyable content while being scientifically correct.
  • It will be available safely all over the World at all times, year-round, in three languages Dari, Pashto, English.


– General Audience
– Encyclopedic
– Research is a unique Educational Tool aimed at Afghan Youth and Civil Society in general to educate, create an awareness and revive the pride of Afghan Heritage providing a possibility to publish educational manuals from Database.