“Syngué Sabour” directed by Atiq Rahimi




In the early 90’s, during the Afghan Civil war, before the Taliban took over, a war hero lies in a coma. At his bedside, his young wife prays for his recovery.

Yet, soon, leaving her husband behind, she has to flee with her two children to seek refuge in a brothel run by her aunt.

On her way to visit her husband, she is trapped into love by a young fighter. Against all odds, what could have been rape, turns into a true revelation of all her senses.

When facing her husband again, she decides to entrust him with her most intimate desires… In spite of himself, the man lying in front of her becomes her “Syngué Sabour”, her patience stone, which allows her to reveal all details of all her shameful secrets, misfortunes and sufferings.. Until it explodes!

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